How I Passed AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner Exam

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Is the AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner Worth It?

Most peoples ignore this foundation certification and jump to Solutions Architect — Associate certification, but I recommend this exam because it provides an overall picture/foundation in AWS concepts like
- why do we need to use cloud infrastructure?
- what type of modern application architecture is able to be built in the cloud?
- Foundational AWS services
- Basic cloud concepts like High Availability, Elasticity, Scalability, etc

How do I get the free exam voucher?

I mostly use Linkedin & have a few top AWS professional connections who often share about the AWS certifications & one day when I scrolled through my newsfeed, I got to know about the AWS Certification Challenge and get registered & got the 100% free exam voucher.
You can also find more AWS certificate challenges with a simple google search (eg check below)

Google Search

Exam Syllabus

Download the Exam Guide here (

Exam Preparation

For my preparation, I used aCloudGuru Certified Cloud Practitioner Free Course and prepared 30 days to plan on it. For those 30 days, I spend daily 1 hour for study & if time allows I spend 3 to 4 hours extra on my weekend studying and taking short notes daily.
For the Practise exam, I didn't take any online practice tests, just went through some model questions in & focused on top community-voted answers with explanations. I think this is enough to clear the exam.


I used Notion & Xmind to take extended notes & mindmap for easy revision. Used Mnemonics to remember some important concepts in AWS. check below my mindmap image taken in Xmind.

My Notes link:

Important topics to focus on this exam

The most important section on this exam is “Technology” (understanding of those services) and “Cloud Concepts”. In the exam, you can find most of the questions needed a little deeper understanding and when we need what type of services. some examples are

  • EC2 instance vs Serverless computing services like lambda, EKS, etc
  • Database services like AWS RDS, Aurora, and Neptune support what type of database. eg,
    - AWS RDS supports MySQL, PostgreSQL, Oracle etc,
    - Aurora supports MySQL, and PostgreSQL only.
  • Which database service provides high availability & spans across multiple Availability Zone?

Free Study Resources which I used for the exam

A Cloud Guru Free course:

Free model questions from

My Notes link:


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All the best for exam :)

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