How I passed the Google Certified Cloud Digital Leader exam

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Hi Everyone,

I’m booked my exam first and then started to prepare for exam. I took 30 days preparation period and focused only on Cloud Digital Leader Learning Path = 4 courses by google. For revision i used the Course Students Slide pdf which are attached in each of the 4 courses provided by google.
For practice exam questions, I’m mostly used the practice exam from google & ExamTopic Website and referred cheatSheet from gcp products, which product used for which purpose (eg. BigQuery — dataware house and business analytics tool for structured data).

GCP CDL Certificate — Credential ID

Exam Pattern

  • Exam duration = 90 minutes.
  • Total questions = 50 (may be vary while you attending the exam).
  • Refer the Detail guide from Google.

Areas to Focus

  1. Define key terms such as cloud, cloud technology, data, and digital transformation.
  2. Difference between traditional infrastructure and Iaas, Paas, Saas.
  3. What is data and types (Structure & UnStructured data).
  4. Difference between Artificial & Machine Learning.
  5. Difference and key terms for databases, data warehouses, and data lakes.
  6. Benefits of modernizing infrastructure with cloud technology.
  7. Differentiate between virtual machines, containers, and serverless computing within business use cases.
  8. Benefits of Google Kubernetes Engine, Anthos, and App Engine for application development.
  9. What is API and GCP Apigee.
  10. How adopting cloud technology affects the total cost of ownership (TCO).
  11. Cloud Security terms, including privacy, availability, security, and control.
  12. What is meant by a shared responsibility model.
  13. Top cybersecurity attacks like DoD, Phishing, Malware etc how impacts the customer data.
  14. Role of DevOps and Site Reliability Engineer.
  15. Difference between SLA & SLO & Error Budget.
  16. List of operation based (cloud logging & monitoring, Error reporting, Service monitoring) and application based gcp resources (cloud debugger, profiler, cloud trace).

Study Resources

  1. Cloud Skills Boost course (most important read the student slides pdf in those 4 courses).
  2. Cloud Digital leader Notes by Sarah Walker.
  3. Cloud Digital Leader FlashCards by Sarah Walker.
  4. CheatSheet for GCP products.

Exam Practice Questions

  1. GCP official model practice exam
  2. Free model questions from ExamTopics website (focus on community top voted answers)
  3. Free model questions from TheGCPGurus website

Thank you for Reading.

All the best for your exam.

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